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Chairman's Annual Report 2018

As the third year of the current term for Thurmaston Parish Council ends, I would like to report on the Councils progress and projects over the last year.

We have welcomed two new Councillors again this year, Councillor Martin Crouch and Councillor Ann Smith both joined us in November. Councillor Ann Smith has been a member previously serving the Parish Council for several years, but unfortunately lost her place in 2011 elections. Ann was keen to re-join the Parish Council and returns with a wealth of experience. Martin has been involved in in arranging Music for the last three Carnival events for the village and expressed that he would like to expand his voluntary work and make Thurmaston a more vibrant Parish. Both new Councillors are making a very positive contribution to the Council.

We were sorry to lose Councillors Bob Davies and David Knaggs last year, both Councillors sadly retired due to ill health. I would like to extend my thanks to both of Councilors for their commitment and contributions to the Parish during their time in office.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each committee for their continued support and contributions over the last year:

Memorial Hall and Cemetery Committee:

The Memorial Hall committee has 9 members and is chaired by Councillor Atterbury. Councillor Atterbury was elected Chairman last May and is proving to be an excellent Chairman. I would like to thank Councillor Atterbury and members of the committee for their hard work throughout the year.

The Cemetery extension work has made slow progress over the last twelve months due to the application for planning consent and then further planning conditions. All approvals are now in place and construction of the paths will recommence as soon as the weather improves. The next phase of the cemetery project is the creation of the children's memorial garden including a Centre Memorial and seating which was selected following consultations with all primary schools in the parish.

Following receipt of information from Councillor Coupe last year, a further name has been added to the War Memorial. Eric Scattergood was a resident of the Parish in 1941, prior to going to war. Eric was prisoner of War working on the Thai-Burma railway, where he died in 1943. Eric was not recognised on the Memorial and we were delighted to see his name added in time for Remembrance Day 2017.

The memorial hall will benefit this year from the installation of two decorative lanterns in memorial of the centenary of the WW1.

The Memorial Hall continues to be the base for the local Police Beat Team and the home of Thurmaston Village pre-school, karate classes and dance classes.

Leisure Centre and Parks Committee:

The Leisure Centre and Parks Committee has 10 members and is chaired by Councillor Hill, I would like to thank Councillor Hill and members of the committee for their contributions.

Improvements and enhancements to premises have benefited the Leisure Centre over the last year.

Elizabeth Park :

Following a successful bid for grant funding, the council received a grant of £10K from Awards for All for new play equipment on Elizabeth Park. A new basket swing, cone climber, aerial rotator and an infant swing were installed following consultation with members of Eastfield school Council.

The new equipment was officially opened at an opening ceremony on 28th September. The park was opened by Eastfield school council and officiated by Councillor Hill. Cakes and refreshments followed in Elizabeth Park Centre.

Elizabeth Park Sports Centre:

The Centre is becoming increasingly busier with new groups during weekdays. Daytime regular groups now include Happy Smiles playgroup for children with special needs and their siblings, Diddy Dance, Mini strikers, Mini and Mighty Movers and is the home base for Julie Parker School of Dance. For the seniors there is Zumba Gold, East Midlands singing for fun and Thrummy Drummer Group for those affected by Dementia. Weekday day evenings are also fully booked with Zumba, Dancing, Karate and Badminton. The 3G pitches continue to be fully utilised in the evening and weekends and the main hall is virtually fully booked on Saturdays with weddings and functions. Following the refurbishment of the bar last year, further enhancements to the centre include the refurbishment of the bathrooms which has just been completed.

Bowls Green:

Parish Council staff and contractors have maintained the Bowls Green on Elizabeth park for many years, however, Thurmaston Bowls Club have decided to take over maintenance commencing this season. The new arrangement will constitute a financial saving for both parties.

Jubilee Park:

Thurmaston Magpies Juniors continue to benefit from use of the pitches and Thurmaston Boxing Club from use of the pavilion throughout the last year.

Garden Street Recreation Ground:

Garden Street Recreation Ground continues to be a popular meeting place for local children and a new Adults Football Team will be using the pitch for the forthcoming Season. Additionally, the Circus will be coming to Garden Street this year for their popular annual visit.

Environmental Committee:

The Environmental Committee consists of 14 members and is chaired by Councillor Seaton, I would like to thank Councillor Seaton and members of the committee for their contributions during the last year. Councillor Seaton has worked hard to address Environmental issues both as Chairman of the Committee and County Councillor for Thurmaston.

Over the last year the committee has considered and commented on planning applications within the Parish, representing the residents by supporting their concerns on many applications and recently taking part in the consultation of the strategic growth plan for Leicester and Leicestershire.

The committee regularly reported highway issues and matters raised by residents and over the last twelve months have worked hard to address local environmental concerns and issues on behalf of the residents of Thurmaston including:

  • Pot holes – in various locations
  • Damaged Road Signs - Humberstone Lane
  • Supported residents campaign against cuts to local Bus services
  • Damaged fencing and fly tipping land off Clayton Drive
  • The illuminated sign at the Humberstone Lane Traffic light junction
  • Supported improvements to Mill Lane and the Carpark
  • Overgrown vegetation and grass cutting of verge on Silverdale Drive
  • Fly tipping and street cleaning
  • Campaigned for traffic mitigation improvements on the main A607 traffic island

The committee are responsible for the display of festive lights and due to the pollarding of the trees in the Churchyard, the display of mistletoe stars this year was re-located to Elizabeth Park last Christmas. Additionally, the committee provided a new notice board at the Humberstone Lane slip road and will continue a program to replace the parish notice boards throughout the village.

Health and Safety and HR Committee:

The Health and Safety and HR Committee has 5 members and is chaired by Council Bedder MBE. I would like to thank Councillor Bedder and members of the committee for their hard work over the last year.

The Health and Safety Committee meet quarterly with additional meetings as required and Councillor Bedder works in conjunction with the Clerks to continually monitor Health and Safety on all council premises. The Committee has monitored and managed all Council projects and events over the last year including the installation of the play equipment on Elizabeth Park, pollarding of the trees in the Churchyard, installation of the Christmas Lights and the Carnival.

The Health and Safety Committee have also reviewed the Councils Policies and Procedures and updated Risk Assessments where necessary.

The Committee scrutinized the Annual Playground inspection reports, and monitored repairs required.

In the role of HR, the committee recruited a new apprentice Groundsman to support the Grounds Team and Councillor Bedder attended staff appraisals with the Clerk.

Finally, I would like to thank my Vice Chairman Councillor Hill, all members of the Council and the Clerks and staff for their support over the last year.

4. Attendance of Councillors

Chairman Councillor Lowe reported the attendance figures for each Councillor (copies distributed to all members).

The Chairman thanked all present for attending and closed the meeting.


D E ATTERBURY 11 - out of 12 meetings

J BROWN 11 - out of 12 meetings

S R BROWN 12 - out of 12 meetings

S A COOMBE 9 - out of 12 meetings

R E DAVIES 5 - out of 6 meetings

N B BEDDER - MBE 12 - out of 12 meetings

D J HILL 8 - out of 12 meetings

M CROUCH 3 - out of 4 meetings

J KNAGGS 0 - out of 12 meetings

K KNAGGS 2 - out of 12 meetings

M D LOWE 11 - out of 12 meetings

D MAGUIRE 6 - out of 12 meetings

W B COUPE 10 - out of 12 meetings

A SMITH 4 - out of 4 meetings

C WOODING 10 - out of 12 meetings

B SEATON 8 - out of 12 meetings

F OSMAN 11 - out of 12 meetings

M BROOKES 5 - out of 12 meetings

J PARKER 9 - out of 12 meetings

P GOFFIN 7 - out of 12 meetings

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